He Was Once A Cultist! Read 6 Strange Things About Apostle Suleiman That Will Shock You

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Facts about Apostle Suleiman: Apostle Suleiman, the founder and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministry (OFM) has been in the news of recent because of his recent outspokenness and the attempted arrest by the DSS. However, there are several interesting facts about him that many do not know. Here are some of them:
1. He once hated Christianity Surprisingly, he once hated Christianity. According to him, the influence of his father rubbed off on him in his youth. He thought many Christians were insincere. Seeing the pastors collect donations from church members without accounting for the expenditure was a turn-off for him. However, that changed in 1989.
2. He rejected a private jet given to him According to Suleiman, he once rejected the gift of a private jet, he explained in an interview: “But I don’t have one yet. The truth is that, I was given a private plane as a gift about one month ago. But God told me that the giver was not pure. “So I rejected it. You may have seen the pictures of the jet on the internet. In fact, I collected it. But when I prayed over it and found out that the source of the giver’s wealth wasn’t sincere, I politely turned it down.”
3. His father was a Muslim Another surprising fact about him is that his father was a Muslim, while his mother was a Christian. According to information available, his father stayed a Muslim, he did not see the possibility of his son leaving the fold. His parents disagreed on a number of issues, which eventually led to their separation.
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