Lady Cries Out I Had an Abortion for Efe the big brother naija winner

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Lady Cries Out I Had an Abortion for Efe the big brother naija winner

On Monday, a Nigerian lady went viral after she uploaded a picture on Instagram claiming she was a fiance to Big Brother Naija winner, Efe Ejeba.

Lady Cries Out I Had an Abortion for Efe the big brother naija winner

Lady Cries Out I Had an Abortion for Efe the big brother naija winner and she wrote:

Hello Efe,

It first occurred to me I might have been pregnant after my cousin casually asked if I was pregnant because I was sleeping a lot. I remember responding, ‘That doesn’t happen to girls like me.’ I’m a good 23 year old girl, who follows the rules, goes to church, I am not a bad girl.

My period was 2 weeks late before I bought a home pregnancy kit. The result was no surprise and my first instinct was to think my boyfriend and I have to plan a wedding to happen in less than 6 months. Funny enough, that day, my boyfriend was on his way back to the the Camp after the Christmas holidays, he was was servicing then . As I waited for him to arrive so that I could call him, the reality of having a child began to settle in, and suddenly my fantasy of a wedding shifted to ‘fuck,

I made up my mind to do abortion without telling Mr. Boyfriend. I spent a lot of time going back and forth with this decision. I was not an easy decision to stick with though.

I was too young to become a mother. What would happen to my dream of doing my Masters in the US next year? My dreams of experiencing living in New York for at least 2 years? I have to wait until next year as my dad can only support one child doing masters at the same time, my brother is due to finish his own this year. I have dreams of travelling to different places in the world and making friends with incredibly interesting people, hanging out at coffee shops, beaches, etc.

Everything was over and I was back home by 9 am. Sent my boyfriend (EFE) a message that I had done it and went to sleep soon after.

I woke up 4 hours later to find out he had read my message but not replied. I sent him a message that I was awake and he could call me, he read it in less than 5 secs and still did not reply. Long and short, is by the end of the day, he had deleted me from BB and never answered my calls and blocked me on Twitter. The last time he said anything to me was as I was about to do the abortion and I sent him a message to say I was about to start and he replied, ‘I will be praying for you’. Lol, I guess he is still praying.

Efe, I know some will say that God will punish me for doing an abortion, but I say thank God I had an abortion. I was inspired to write this

Can This be True?

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