Lies Women Lie To Men That Destroys Marriage

Lies Women Lie To Men That Destroys Marriage

Lies Women Lie To Men That Destroys Marriage

Some women are fund of lying to a man just because that the man wants to marry them. As I said, some women and not all women. I will share with you this common lies that destroy marriage so that you will avoid them.

1. Am still a V!rgin: if you ask some of the single ladies that are planning to get married weather any man has slept with them, 60% of them will say NO! that they are still a v!rgin. What do you think will happen after that man might have gotten married to you and on that special day in that special night, he finds out that you are not a v!rgin, what do you think will be his faith? Some people cannot take it. They will take you back to your parents. But men pls, since you have paid her pride price, just bear it. Marriage is not a clothe that can be changed. Its like your skin.

2. Age: some women finds it difficult to tell the man that wants to marry them their real age, I have a case which was reported to me by one of my fan. He said he has dated a girl for five years, and when he started dating this lady, she told him that she is 22years, and after 5years of dating, the boy asked the lady what’s her age, she said 25years. Now the man noticed that the lady have been lying to him, you said you were 22years when I met you, and now we have dated for 5years which you supposed to be 27years by now, and you are telling me 25years. Pls ladies, always tell him the truth, eventhough you are older than him maybe with 2years, if he loves you, he will still marry you. Marriage is not by age, rather its just maturity ruled by love.

3. School: some girl use school to deceive some men that wants to marry them, you lie with school just for that man to be spending on you. This can destroy marriage because he must find out that you are not in any institute. 80% of girls today, when you ask them what they do for a living, they will say am a student. Lairs. Pls just avoid these 3things and also don’t lie to that man pls. Let your yes be your yes.

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