Empire Season 3 Episode 15 “Civil Hands Unclean” Promo (HD) ft. Snoop Dogg

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Empire Season 3 Episode 15 "Civil Hands Unclean" Promo (HD) ft. Snoop Dogg

Empire Season 3 Episode 15 Empire Season 3 Episode 15 “Civil Hands Unclean” Promo (HD) ft. Snoop dogg

TV Series Empire download (season 3) for free

Empire season 3 is one more continuation of the series in the center of events of which there is a story of Lyon family, which is directly related to the culture of hip-hop. The protagonist Lucius Lyon is a head of the music label called Empire. Suddenly, he is told that he is ill with an incurable disease and he will live a maximum of 3 years. He dreams that his empire could exists even after his death, so he thinks of choosing a successor. For 3 years he must find common ground with 2 sons and decide which of them is better to be his successor, entrusting him the leadership of his company. And just at that moment his ex-wife Cookie is going out of the prison. She is also not averse to take possession of the label of Empire and is going to fight for it no matter what. His native sons and ex-wife start to fight for the inheritance. Follow the events in the new season 3 of Empire series. Show Info

  • Original Title: Empire
  • Airs on: FOX
  • Genres: Drama, Music
  • Cast: Taraji Henson, Kaitlin Doubleday, Terrence Howard, Jussie Smollett, Trai Byers, Bryshere Y. Gray
  • Created by: Danny Strong, Lee Daniels
  • Official site: www.fox.com

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