How to Use to Shop Online in Uk, Us and China And Get it Shipped to Your Address

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Let Get Straight to Business, To Do this First you have to signup, so Sign up and in less than 30 seconds your are done.

To sign up, you will Be assigned a US address, and Depending on your location may be assigned a UK and China address as well.

Verify your phone number via the
code sent to your phone.
Update your delivery address where
all items will be delivered to: Sign Up
Your assigned address allows you to
shop in the US (UK and China for some
customers) using the following simple
Go to any store of your choice, shop
and pay with your visa, MasterCard or
Send all purchases to your assigned
address. I.e Your assigned address is
your shipping address.
Shop as much as you want. You have
21 days free storage to shop in as
many stores as you want, and we
combine all in your warehouse.
We alert you via email and SMS once
any item is received for you.
Continue to shop from as many stores as
you want. Once you are ready to ship
Log into your warehouse and select
the shipment for shipping.
Pay for the shipping and we will ship
out and deliver to you within a few
business days.
Money Back
Our key promise to you is simple.
Anything happens to your items, we
compensate you 100% for:
Total cost of your items
Total shipping cost for your items
So relax, shop, save and enjoy guaranteed

Amazing Delivery Cost With Shoptomydoor you save up to 80% on shipping cost. Our magic is easy.

With your free US address, you can shop from as many stores as

Save on minimum shipping charges when we combine all items and ship in one package.

On top of this, we pass our over 70% discount from DHL/Partner airlines
direct to you.

Great Customer Service
We want to hear from you and offer so
many options for you to reach us.

Email support at 24/7
and we will respond within 6 hours on the average.

Chat with us online form 3am to 9pm US central time.

Call us at +1 888 315 9027 from 9am to 9pm US central time.

No Limitations

we do it all, and have been since

From a single small wrist watch to
the most luxurious cars money can buy.

Shoptomydoor will deliver to you any where in the world in a few days.

Either by air or Ocean.

You decide, we deliver.



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