Euro To Naira Exchange Rate Today (March 2017) Black Market

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Euro To Naira Exchange Rate Today (March 2017) Black Market

How much Euro To Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market Rate, Western Union Rate, Money gram rate and Bank Rate March 2017, This list will be updated daily in regards to FX Fluctuations.

Different banks charges at Different amount when trading Euros online likewise Dollars & Pounds, Gt bank, First Bank & Access Bank seems to be among the Banks that charges small amount in exchange for European Euros, Gtb charges N345 and Access Bank charges N348, A daily update of Dollar to Nairaand Pounds To Naira is also available, make sure you are updated with that also.


1 Euro To Naira Exchange Rate Today (Black Market Rate):

Buying: 1 EUR Equals N415

Selling: 1 EUR Equals N425

1 Euro To Naira Exchange Rate Today (Bank Rate):

Buying: 1 EUR Equals N408

Selling: 1 EUR Equals N330

  1. Over the years Euro to Naira exchange Rate had never worsen like this, The European Euro which used to trade for N230 at earlier 2014 is now at it’s worst stage at N470, Each and every season we have Youth engaging in one of the most profitable business out there which is Importation, Infact rumors even had it that some import tooth picks, That’s ridiculous, If Nigerian Can’t handle poky things like this then we should expect FX to rise more than this, To help the situation CBN introduces 1.1 Billion Dollars to the market to lessen the sophisticated demand for Euro that did work, The Euro dropped for 540 to 550 but what will be the situation when it’s all exhausted, At BDC the euro sells at 450 and Travellex it sells for N440, though the Black Market still stood rigid at N470.
  2. I think we should try and be productive if major products Imported to the country is Produced Here in Nigeria then the qualms to get FX will be totally lessen thus Humiliating the European Euros, You as a Nigerian what other thoughts do you think can be done to lessen the sudden rise of the Euro to dollar.
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